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Welcome to DigDat 2016

The Emigrants Farewell10,000 Welcomes to DigDat 2016, a new year full of plans and hopes and improvements on this site. But first, let's review 2015 -- the year this site got its complete revamp and new design. The records database grew from nothing to over 7 million records listing one or more events for more than 4 million persons, and linked to their sources. The sources section now links to 106 sources. The places database started with the nearly 68,000 names in the Seanruad townland database, and now has grown to include street names, sub-denominational names, variant spellings and synonyms numbering over 101,000 in all. There were nearly two million visits to this site in 2015. My goal for 2016 is to more than double each of those figures.

I have mentioned before here that I am planning to add a new companion site. DigDat will continue to grow and expand the data mentioned above, while the new site will take that data and explore it in new and exciting ways. I pioneered the use of distribution studies based on Griffith's Valuation. Now imagine being able to search for frequencies of First Names as well as Surname, not just in Griffith's but in all the records in the DigDat database. Limit those searches to a particular span of years, or compare one time-span with another. Compare two names, and see where they over-lap (great help for finding a couple who married in Ireland). See how given-names are distributed, both by frequency and percentage of residents. Find the distribution of a particular given name, or given-name and surname combination, with variants and synonyms. And all that will be just one section in the new site. Another area will focus on the Irish Diaspora. Combining history and demographics, find out where people from a particular Irish county or parish emigrated to, again with the ability to limit your search to particular time periods. Or focus on particular destinations, and see where in Ireland immigrants hailed from. Or search for a particular surname, limited by timespan and origin or destination.

As a sister-site to DigDat, reports from this new site will be available free to DigDat subscribers; other researchers will be able to purchase individual reports. It is an ambitious project, but since the names and data for the new site will also be included here, much of the work on the new site will benefit this site as well. I'm hoping to have the new site on-line, in at least skeletal outline form, by the end of January 2016 -- it may take much of the year to fully flesh out all the functionality, your help is needed to ensure this gets done promptly! Join DigDat today. Your financial support will keep the ball rolling.

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From ajmorris Posted on 29 Dec 2014
This messaging system is available on every page of this site. Members (both free and paid) can post messages, and they will appear on the same page where they are posted. Messages must be genealogical or historical in subject matter. Genealogical queries are also welcome, post in the surname section or under the places hierarchy. Please post to the most specific page applicable, such as a specific parish or townland, if known. Of course not all messages fit neatly into a specific category, but select the page as best you can. Members are discourage from posting to this home-page as it would likely get too many messages and cause the home page to load slowly, which is not a good thing.

All messages are reviewed before they appear, to avoid spam. Since I do this review myself, this messaging system is a good way to contact me if you have a problem with the site or your membership, just put 'Not for publication' at the start of such messages. Leave a blank line between paragraphs, no other formatting is available. This is a new and untested site as I write this, so please report any problems.

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